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 Wanna be a Purifier (Dark Lords Men) or An Elemental?

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Loch Monarch

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PostSubject: Wanna be a Purifier (Dark Lords Men) or An Elemental?   Sat Feb 28, 2015 4:07 am

Element/ Power:
Can you be Active?:

Rules to consider:
You MUST be a 5th Year or higher for Elemental
Only one of your characters may be an Elemental
You may be an Elemental and a Purifier.
Keep in mind there are only 15 Elementals.
You need to be active or you will be replaced

Currently in search of-
Two 5th year Ravenclaws
One 5th years from the other houses
(All Elements open)
Two 6th Year Hufflepuffs
One 6th year from Ravenclaw
one 6th year from Gryffindor
(All Elements Open)
Two 7th year Gryffindors
One 7th Year Ravenclaw
One 7th Year Hufflepuff
(All Elements open)

PLEASE PM your applications to Loch Monarch
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Wanna be a Purifier (Dark Lords Men) or An Elemental?
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