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 Brendan Alexander Cavendish

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Bren Cavendish


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PostSubject: Brendan Alexander Cavendish   Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:50 am

Real Name or Nickname: Victoria (Tori Please. Not Vicky. I will destroy you if you call me Vicky)
RP Experience: Chatzy for almost two years and about three or four forums
Where did you hear about us?
I think you know.

Character's Full Name: Brendan Alexander Cavendish (Bren)
School: Hogwarts. Hogwarts. Hoggy Warty Hogwarts.
House you would like:Ssssssssssslytherin
Wand:Yep he has one for sure. (Elm wood, Dragon Heartstring Core, 13 and a half inches)
Age: Old enough Wink 17
Year: Seventh
Element/power you want: Earth
Characters Birthday: September 13
Parents: (Muggles, Muggle + Magical, Both Magical) All of the above. JK both Magical
Appearance: (No Images, Please.) . 6 Foot 3. Dark brown hair and light green eyes. He has a wolf animagus.
Personality: He is laid back and seductive. Known to be a bit of a player, he is rarely seen with the same girl twice.
History/Past: His father walked out on his mother when he was a young boy, leaving him with his less than kind mother. When she even acknowledged him, their interactions couldn’t be viewed as ‘loving’. Most the time she ignored him. Hogwarts was his only sanctuary, and once there he decided to completely reinvent himself, becaoming what he is today.
Interests/Hobbies: Girls, Quidditch (Doesnt play, just follows it)
Pets: He is his own big furry puppy
Family Position: (Ie: Oldest, Youngest, Only Child, etc.) Only kid
Favorite Class and Why: Divination- He gets to hold hands with and read the fortunes of Pretty girls. Charms- He gets to charm the ladies Wink I had to. I'm tired but I'm not sorry.
Least Favorite Class and Why: Care of Magical Creatures- He has to take care of filthy animals
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Brendan Alexander Cavendish
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