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 Loch Esme Monarch

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Loch Monarch

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PostSubject: Loch Esme Monarch   Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:02 am

Real Name or Nickname: Sara
RP Experience: Ah...a lot
Where did you hear about us? Admin

Character's Full Name: Loch Esme Monarch
House: Slytherin
Wand:12’ Unicorn Hair and Redwood
Element/power you want:Unsure
Characters Birthday: August 31st
Parents: Muggles (Muggleborn+ Muggle)
Appearance: Slender, red hair, green eyes, short.
Personality:You can tell her personality by her fire red hair and Green eyes. She is rebellious, stubborn and goes out of her way to be a nuisance. She is known for doing reckless, stupid things when she is angry or upset and sometimes even when she is not. She can be a bit oblivious to some rules and instructions, even if they are for her own safety. She can always find someone’s weakness, which she uses for her advantage to emotionally break down anyone who stands in her way. She is sly, cunning and takes what she wants whether it is being offered or not. She can be callous, mean and is always sarcastic. She is a Vegetarian, she eats very little. This is a personal preference. She is not fond of the taste of meat and is no way an animal activist. She will however cook meat for company.  She is a fox animegus (Developed 6th year)and is good at legilimency and but not Occlumency. She can not conjure a patronus for a similar reason as occlumency. She is not focused enough. She is not easily broken, but once it is achieved, it is hard to bring her back. She wants to be an Auror.. She is acrophobic and is afraid of vampires.
History/Past: Her father did not approve of her learning magic, but she is not letting anyone stop her from being everything she could be. She comes from a well off muggle family, but never flashes it, as A. She doubts Wizards care about muggle money, and B. She doesn’t want her father to think he can dictate her decisions because she needs his financial support.
Interests/Hobbies:  Loch has a tendency to fall hard for the bad boys, and usually will not listen to reason in that regard.  She needs them strong verbally. She loves sparring with her guy, especially when it is a debate about keeping her to do something reckless. She needs someone who is strong enough to tell her no. She also likes to sing, read, write and act. Running, and exercising. She is a very skilled cook, and despite being so out going, she makes an excellent housewife. She is very obsessed with cleanliness and wants everything perfect. This mostly came from being raised by a hotel owner.
Family Position:She is a middle child, having one older brother, one younger brother and a younger half sister, from her mother. Her brother Peter being the closest of the three. She is extremely protective of him.
Favorite Class and Why: She is good at Defense against the Dark Arts
Least Favorite Class and Why: She is Rubbish at Charms

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Loch Esme Monarch
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