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 Plot for the Forum

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PostSubject: Plot for the Forum   Sat Feb 28, 2015 2:24 am

One late night a seer was stirred with the worst possible thing that could happen. A future of of 15 years of darkness. A young couple would rise, using magic from a book that would allow them some of the darkest gifts known to man. Despite a rising of another group do-gooders that called themselves ‘The Elemental’, the world will be left in ruins.

The Seer shared these visions with the Minister who took steps to eliminate these events from occurring. The Seer never managed to get an actual timeline of when this was supposed to take place. So, as years went on, people were beginning to call the man a loon. There were many steps taken by the Ministry to ensure that they never had the chance, checking bags for dark artifacts. But, security slipped slowly as time went on.

One thing remained intact. As suggested by the seer, they created a group known only as the Elementals. A secret society. A person from each house, (two from one house, making five) is selected every year upon the start of their 5th year is selected and gets the chance to choose their power. Water, Fire, Air and Earth.

25 years since the dream passed, and things remained uneventful. Until one morning when two muggleborns Marco Sampson, a wizard known for having the ability to see VERY Well in the Dark and Misty Midnight, A girl known for having VERY good hearing, were found dead in the Astronomy tower. An AK to the skull, and a note warning others of such status to learn their place.

A war is brewing, it is time to pick a side...because if you don’t...the Dark Lord will pick one for you.
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Plot for the Forum
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