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 Rules And Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules And Regulations   Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:30 pm

Ok, here's the list of that which is prohibited. I'm going to try to keep it simple. Consider this list your first warning.

Excessive Language - This is not a serious offense, and the area of the forum and nature of the discussion will be taken into account. We will be more lenient in the roleplay section because some characters are very foul-mouthed.

Flaming - For those who don't know, flaming is what results when an argument, debate, or discussion degrades into trading insults. Nothing productive comes from flaming, so we'd like to keep it to a minimum. Circumstances will be taken into account.

Spamming - Spamming is incredibly annoying and can completely ruin a good conversation. For this reason, in order to maintain a pleasant environment, we will handle spammers as a significant annoyance.

Injecting - This is one of my own terms, and refers to joining a roleplay thread without being invited or approved. This can be highly disruptive to the story. Now, some people don't mind this, may even encourage it to "shake things up". For this reason, we will only be handling this if we receive a complaint.

Bullying - Bullying is uncalled for, and if you are found to be doing it, you will be restricted from accessing the forum it is taking place in. "Giving someone a hard time" is acceptable, as is a recurring joke. However, if you are found to be singling out a person or group of people for continuous harassment, you will be restricted.

Racism, sexism, or other forms of bigotry - Any form of bigotry will earn you an indefinite or until-further-notice restriction in the forum it occurred in, regardless of whether or not it is legal in the real world. This forum should be a safe place for everyone to express themselves, regardless of race, gender, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, etc.

Harassment - Excessive bullying will be considered harassment. You will be banned and real-world authorities may be contacted. You will be given the chance to dispute the ban with Admin via email.

Threats of real-world harm - Regardless of where you live, real-world threats will be treated as though you live down the street from the person. You will be banned and, depending on the severity of and reason for the threat, real-world authorities may be contacted. You will be given the chance to dispute the ban with Admin via email.

Roleplaying rules-
No god-modding. This is also referred to as god-moding and power gaming. God modding is when you have a character do or know anything they shouldn't be able to. An example would be having your human character survive a 5 story fall to concrete, or know what was said in a closed-doors meeting that they did not attend. This can be difficult to resist at times, since it means YOU know everything, thanks to reading the other posts, but you have to limit your characters' knowledge.

No Bunnying. for those who don't know, bunnying is controling the speech or actions of another player's character. This is another form of Godmodding. under certain circumstances, bunnying is acceptable, for example when no other option makes sense. To avoid both bunnying, and a long series of one-line posts, it is sometimes advisable to set up conversations ahead of time in a private message exchange, and then simply post the entire conversation at once. Also, sometimes, if a player is going to be absent, they may entrust their character to someone else and give them permission to bunny.
Bunnying also sometimes becomes common in long threads when people gain a feel for each other's characters. Don't forget the edit button though, in case of complaints.

No killing other player characters. It is generally accepted that NPCs, who are often at best supporting cast, are fair game for lethal attacks, but player characters should only be killed with permission from the player who owns them.


there is five levels of probation

level 1- "warning" this is for people who are constantly spamming,double posting and being a minor annoyance. they are on this level for 1 week.
there are no privileges taken from the user this is just to show them they need to straighten up.

Level 2- this is for people who are doing minor things wrong constantly...
they lose all rights to the user groups... but they are allowed to post in any forum. they are in here for two weeks then they go to level one

level 3 this is for the people who are constantly breaking the rules with no regard. these people have also done something that is really bad. they lose all privileges to the user group forever and they can not post. this level is a month then to level two they still are not allowed in the user group.

level 4 is suspension they are banned for a week then to level three

finally level 5 is a permanent ban.that it they had four chances and failed.

you must pm a admin for level three and above

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Rules And Regulations
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